People you need this. You workout, you look good but ya got some funky hair growing on your nose. Your eyebrows have started to bush out in the middle and your ears have started to sprout hair like your Dad. Enter Zapps!! Totally discreet. No waiting super fast appointment times. No more waxing for me. The hair will be gone forever. I love this place and do not miss checking my face for random hair. Did I say Go Zapps!!


For years, I have struggled with a hideous unibrow and hair that would grow almost into my eyelids. I would wax and pluck every week with no avail. It seemed like the hair would grow back almost the next day! Discovering Zapps Electrology may have been one of the best things that has ever happened to me! I now have perfect eyebrows and total self confidence.


I have been plucking my chin hair for more than 14 years, around the time of the birth of my first child. Usually I pluck one or two hairs daily. For years, I have been self conscious. I tried laser therapy for almost one year to no avail. I have had three treatments so far at Zapps, and for the first time in years I feel like there is a light at the end of this tunnel. With Holly’s help, I am going to win this battle of chin hair. I am confident in her abilities, and the fact that she is a registered nurse puts me even more at ease.


I’ve had a leg amputation (below knee) for about 8 years. The phantom pain has gotten gradually worse to the point of being unbearable. Holly, at Zapps Electrology, has been working on my leg for about 2 months now with Microcurrent Therapy and I have noticed that while I still have some pain, the intensity is much less as is the frequency. Microcurrent Therapy has given me relief from my pain that nothing else has. The treatments are painless and for about an hour each week the results are amazing.

Jim Lewis

I am so glad I found Zapps Electrology. Holly is very professional and put me at ease right away. I have been so embarrassed about my hair problem-I would spend a lot of time each day tweezing my chin and still worry that I missed hairs others would see. Holly educated me about the process of electrolysis and explained why it is a permanant solution for me. Her nursing background is evident in the clean environment and she explains how she sterilizes between each client. I would definately recommend Zapps Electrology-it is such a relief to know there is an answer out there!


My two daughters were born hairy like their Dad. For years I have only allowed them to wax. Then I heard about Holly, who is also a Nurse at Zapps Electrology, and finally decided to allow the girls to get a consult. From the moment we walked in, I felt very comfortable with Holly and her knowledge and experience with hair removal. My two daughters have both had treatments and finally are having lasting results and I see a new confidence in them that makes this Momma’s heart proud!! I recommend Holly to anyone who asks!!


I am obsessed with my facial hair, spending lots of time before work and at night plucking out any hair I can get a hold of. My husband surprised me with an appointment with Zapps Electrology and I am so glad I did! My husband wishes he’d only done it sooner, as now he gets more of my attention in the morning!



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